has a fabulous menu driven program to run your house. Run WHAT in my house?  Change out your wall switches for Zwave wall switches, Zwave wireless motion sensors and Zwave thermometers (measure temp to a tenth of a degree) and Zwave thermostates. HomeSeer will talk to all of them and trigger events to happen by any way you can dream of such as motion or voice or temperature change! Add small computer style microphones around the house and have voice control.

If your house was wired for electric shades per SERI (NREL) government recommendation in the late 1970s, then Homeseer can send your shades up and down automatically when the winter clouds cover the heat of the sun. See: for motorized shades. When the sun comes back out, the shades go back up to allow collection of the warmth of the sun until night comes. The sun provides a huge amount of BTUs, probably more than your furnace can make if your southern windows are available to the sun and auto closed to keep the warmth in. On a cold winter day, the shades now act as a one way valve to keep the heat in your house and save you from using the old fossil fuel furnace. This heating all assumes your house has built per 1980 government recommendation to only have windows on the south and very limited windows on the east, west and north. (If no windows on the south, then add solarsheats from or build your own heat collecting windows.) This is the Passive House standard. See:  and: for further education and training classes for energy efficient, logical home construction standards.

Wireless Zwave thermometers are mounted inside the windows to tell Homeseer that the window is warm from the sun or cold from lack of sun. Compare the inside thermometers to the temperature outside, add in a Sun Lumans meter outside and it is easy to write a boolean expression for: if this, then do that.

With voice control, you can turn ON your whole Home Theater by just saying "Computer" response = "Yes", Let's watch a DVD". The Theater comes on because you programmed all you remote controls into Homeseer.

I can ask "Rex" for the entire 24 thermometers in my house by just saying "Temperature". Rex tells me every window, room, backyard, sideyard, front porch and garage temperature!

By passing by motion sensors in a specific direction and certain time delays, Rex knows if you just entered the house, and gives the appropriate greeting for your company.


Zwave wireless Motion sensor/thermometer placed around the house will keep Rex informed of where human entities are located in the house and turn lights on/off according to logic boolean expressions written by the owner.

With 24 sensors outside and in, asking Rex for "temperature" will trigger Rex to speak a selection of of current house temperatures: