1981 Passive Solar Home Project created by SERI (Solar Energy Research Institute, now NREL, National Renewable Energy Labs located west of Denver):

SERI challenged construction companies to alter their tract home designs to Passive Solar home requirements and quality. Those that presented the best plans to SERI recieve SERI assistance to get the rest of the details correct, example: Glazing square footage to Thermal mass storage.

I've had many requests to see the Floor plans and architectural drawings. Unfortunately I never got my hands on them from the Paul Walden construction company named "Nedlaw Construction" (reverse of family name). My house was the last house they built due to high interest rates in 1981/82 at 15.5%. The company closed down and sold off their Westbrook development at 100th and Wadsworth, Westminster CO. where I am located.

I still have the marketing drawing of the original neighbor floor plan "before" the plan was converted to a Passive solar house. I will post the origianal floor plan below and then begin drawing in the changes for the Passive house later which has a little more floor space: 


FLOOR PLANS of original tract NON solar house shown below:

NOTE: To better collect sun, the bedrooms, front bedroom closet, hallway, bathroom, Kitchen and stair case entry are laid out slightly different for the Passive House version.

Below is the only archutecture drawing I have showing the south face of the "Passive Version" with a walkout basement: The lower level bedroom is behind the right two Eastern windows. A Recreation room fills the rest of the lower windows and sliding door to the west.  The second main floor consists of the living room on the right and a bedroom on the left. The top four windows are clerestory which provide extra BTU heat and much day lighting: No sun comes in these southern windows during the summer due to overhang shading (May through August).