Passive House explained in 90 seconds: 


A&E Building Systems  supplies your new construction and Retrofit/Remodel projects with Passive House quality sealing systems, high performance windows and many other building materials, many imported from Europe.


A life member of ASES (International Solar Energy Society was formed in 1954 when Bell Labs invented the first Production Solar PV Cell:  


CRES (Colorado Renewable Energy Society) is a sub-chapter of ASES. Most USA States have their State Chapter where Monthly Educational meetings are held. A calendar schedule of speakers and topics can be found at their websites:


Colorado Green building Guild (formerly BGBG)




The list of links below include where to purchase hardware/software for creating an    1) Energy conserving, 2) Water conserving, and 3) Smart home:


Show off your "Home energy efficiency" at the ASES (American Solar Energy Society) ANNUAL Tour of Solar Homes, held the first weekend of every October:

ALPEN High Performance Windows: Passive House Certified models built in USA:

Passive House  new Standards Training: = LOCAL STATE CHAPTORS

THERMAL MASS HEAT STORAGE, for space heating/cooling:

If you are heated by southern sun exposure windows for BTUs of hot air flow, Replace the old concept of Trombe wall, or Rock box heat storage with Phase Changing Material "PCM". See Phase Change Energy Solutions: Denver area = Chris Martin 303 747 4680   One inch deep of PCM = 18 inches of brick, 22 inches Concrete, 50 inches of Gypsum Wall board.


1) Click on Americas and USA  Look for Zwave controlled motors.  Out of Business 2009, See Somfy above.  My house uses techniku brand motors since 2003. Request retailer to use 3 mil see-through silver or bronze coated Mylar as the shade material on the pipe roller.(or any honey comb material if preferred) The Mylar creates a mirror at night to reflect and retain the heat in your house, rather than going out the windows. A second layer of honeycomb would be ideal but expensive.

2)     American Rolling Shutters provide increased R insulation to a sliding door or windows. In the summer, reduce airconditioning loads by stopping the sun from coming in before it passes through your window on your western and eastern sides. Once the sun has entered the house the BTUs can not be stopped by inside shades except for the slight reflection white shades provide.


PASSIVE HOUSE CERTIFIED WINDOW GLAZING:  New Passive House standards require the lates in Insulative Glass windows. Alpen's continuous research has obtained mass production of R9 windows including the Frame and glass, with good Solar Gain for winter weather. Windows are rated in "U" value, the reciprocal of "R". The U is for the whole unit, and not just the glass R value.  Dense Pack Insulation, re-insulate your walls and ceiling, tighten up leaks. This will give your house a better HERS rating.

WEATHER MONITOR: Purchase Davis Weather monitoring stations here and get great installation advice from knowlegable sales folks:   WIth the supplied graph software, you can determine if enough wind and sun exist at you home for Solar and Wind Generators. Your local Solar contractors are the best source for advice.

URBAN TURBINE (Wind generator)  This style of a turbine will surprise you. See the picture at  for a 1.2 Kw turbine. Most urban areas have too much turbulance to make wind turbines financially viable. Payoff will be 30 years. PV is a much better investment.

HOME AUTOMATION: Get your home up to the 21st century and save energy as a result with HomeSeer and Z-wave: Monitor temperatures in all windows and rooms to determine if shades should be down or up. A computer can control your shades way better then a human can. Monitor your motion everywhere in the house for proper lights on/off, let the sun turn your lights off automatically, move heat from an overheated room to a cold room to fully optimize the heat: ,   

ZWAVE DEMONSTRATION: I converted all home light switches and motion sensors to Z-WAVE for automated control from HomeSeer. Each switch has it's own proprietary IP address and creates a mesh network.  DEMO:

DAYLIGHTING SOLATUBE:  Short Demo of solar tubes. Daylight changes your attitutude to "feel better" in your house. No more dark spots! Silver lined Tubes reflect sunlight from the roof down to your hallway or bathroom or basement. Tubes come in 10, 14, 22 inch diameter. I recommend not using the 10 inch, but go for a 14 inch which is almost double the light. For large living rooms, use the 22 inch which is usually used in industrial buildings.

LED  ,  or just google for LED lighting. LED Bulbs: HOME DEPOT, LOWES Hardware, COSTCO and SAMS CLUB (starting in November of 2008) now sell LED lights of various configurations CHEAP (compared to 100s of dollars). A bright full spectrum spot light (90 count led) pulls only 5 watts and costs $14. This means LED is main stream.

Windows sun block   Outside window screens to block the suns heat from entering the house during the summer, but removable for the winter.

HOT AIR heating    Make any house a solar heated house using these panels mounted outside on your southern wall, or on the roof. Think of these panels as a furnace with a thermostat inside to turn it on and off at any time.

HOT AIR fans: A simple "swamp cooler" also called evaporative cooler will create a great air flow for quiet operation home made hotair panels.   This link shows the specifc fan I use to boost the air flow through my "yoursolarhome" heatsheets. The sun creates so much heat in these black panels (up over 160 degrees output) that the PV powered fans need some help to increase air flow and through the heat deeper into the rooms. The booter fans is powered ON by inserting a cheap $10 furnace airconditioning thermostat inside the wall where the solar panel is putting out hot air. The thermostat control lever is set to the airconditioning setting, saying, I feel hot air, I need to turn on the fan to cool this down.

HOT AIR panels HOME  Save money on hot air panels and build them yourself. If done right, these home built can make your house look better, not uglier, by giving the appearance of more windows on the south wall (or roof) This link has many information articles/ projects about solar hot air heating.

HOT AIR FAN Thermostat: ACE HARDWARE  model = Att101143t-005 Ace Heating and Cooling Thermostat $18.99

INFRARED TEMPERATURE GUN: "Micro Temp MT-EXP" $44 and "RayTek MT6" = $58  Home Energy Audit Tools for yourself:   Search for: Infrared Thermometer, Kill A WATT (model P4400 and P4460, simple watt meter to test your TV, refridge), Smart Strip (power strip that auto shuts off phantom power loads) 

SMOKE PEN: Google for Smoke Pen S220  Purhased mine at for $47.95, Note that smoke matches burn out way too quickly (30 seconds) USE ON WINDY DAYS, Near Windows and Doors to see where you need to caulk and plug leaks.

BEST WINDOW GLASS: show nice pictures to explain U value: light passing through the window   This Table lists and Compares many brands of thermal glass to determine best R factor and winter solar gain. Since I use automatic mylar shades, by windows have Low-E when I need it and direct full sun input when the house needs it.

LIVE WEATHER from HOMES IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD:  (folks who purchase "Davis Weather" instruments from join a national grid of weather collection, feeding local weather to the public and government. Search by zipcode.

SUMMER COOLING:  Use Evaporative coolers in Dry Climates at 1/5th (and less) the operation cost of an airconditioner (homeDepot and Lowes)  The ONLY insulated and air tight Whole HOUSE FAN is available from Tamarac Fans:,category.asp In the winter time, this fan is insulated and air tight by closing the insulated lids with a motor.

CHEAP TEMPERATURE MONITORING:  Maxim Engineering  You can attach up to 250 small 1 inch x 1 inch circuit boards which measure the local temperature (about $10 each) to a single eithernet Cat5e cable and monitor many spots (such as windows) in your house/building. The catch is to run the ethernet wire. has a plugin to graph out the output.


See pictures in next tab at left side: "Water Conservation" Many USA cities offer rebates up to $100 for HET toilets  (HET = High Efficient Toilet) to reduce the demand on their city water supply. CHECK your Cities web. Westminster CO shows their list of qualified toilets at:  LOEWs and HomeDepot offer HET toilets at just $150.

Puchased Aquia Toilet at Mcguckin Hardware DESIGN CENTER, Kevin Welch 720-406-2023 2460 Canyon Blvd Boulder, CO 80302 303 449 3779 

-------------------MISC and EDUCATIONAL INFO -----------------------------

*** These folks have done a great job searching and collecting links from the internet for many green products, services, and education into one well organized website:

Environmental Films Festival:  303-273-9527 These folks do a fabulous job each year collecting the best educational films about saving the enviroment. Many can be used for school room instruction. See these films live once a year in the beautiful old theater of the American Mountaineering Center 710 10th St Golden, CO.  Mail to: Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education  15260 South Golden Road Golden, CO 80401. There are many other locations sponsering films also by searching Google.

Jay Leno and his PacWind Wind Turbines Video (2012):


*  For existing homes:

Similar to the Yellow sticker seen inside new refrigerators and washers, you can get your home rated on a scale of 500 to 0 with 0 = netzero home.  My home is rated at HERS = 23. 

CRES, Colorado Renewable Energy Society, Learn and network with others who are highly motivated in the energy subject. Attend monthly lectures from world known scientists and home owners:   Most states have their own branch of an "Energy Society" associated with ASES. Surround yourself with others who speak the same "energy" language!

ASES, American Solar Energy Society, Find many links to recommended contractors plus Solar Today magazine full of the latest information. 

NREL, National Renewable Energy Lab, Find the latest information from the worlds premier test Laboratory on Energy

AIR TRAVEL CALCULATOR: See how green your Airplane travel is.

GAS SAVING CARS: In 2007 under Bush, the newly revised US Government MPG criteria lowered the claimed MPG for ALL cars and trucks.  Since then, the new mandates require higher corporate average mileage.  By comparison, some large pickups are in the single digits with the new rating. Take good care of your older, resonable milage "car" and you are still "green" by not forcing the factory to build you a new car every few years.

OLED TV (skinny TV's): Save electricity > Sony, Samsung, LG and many others will be selling the next generation Flat panel TVs soon. OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is a monitor where the LEDs are so thin they can be printed like ink on paper and use little electricty compared to today's Flat LCD/LED panels.  Organic means the diodes are based on Carbon rather then silicone: 1)   ,  2)|14142|oled||S|e|24718422307  Laptops of the future will have roll-out flexible large screens. In the future, your whole wall and ceiling may glow with OLED wall paper to light up the room and use very little electricty as seen in the orbiting Hyatt Hotel in movie: "2001 A Space Odyssey". Light fixtures will be old fashioned as a result. Just click or use voice control to change the color hue and brightness of your couch material or wall paper!

CAR: APTERA TYPE 1 electric and Hybrid car about $28,000 originally set to go on sale in California in 2008. Aptera was bought by China. Google invested big money into Aptera for a great future prospect.

CAR: Tesla MOTORS  :-   $80,000 to $105,000  The name is in honor of inventer: Mr. Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943) an apprentice of Thomas Edison. Tesla advocated a future of AC distributed electricity over Thomas Edison's DC